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Our Mission

Yorucha’s mission is to spread practical knowledge of business halacha among all Jews. A frum Jew in the workplace often faces numerous halachic conundrums, yet Choshen Mishpat is challenging for most. Yorucha’s team of talmidei chachamim have created chaburos, shiurim, and user-friendly resources to make these essential halachos accessible to every conscientious Torah Jew.

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Yorucha's Growth

Today, Yorucha has facilitated multiple weekend shiurim across the globe. Additionally, a contemporary halacha video shiur by a Bias Havaad Dayan is available each week. Yorucha’s comprehensive, user-friendly maareh mekomos booklets provide an in-depth view of the subject matter in a clear, organized format. Yorucha also offers an audio accompaniment to explain the sources in easily understood, bite-sized segments.

Important sugyos have now become accessible

“Any caring, frum Yid wonders about these topics. Yorucha makes the tangible halachos that you need accessible. It’s laid out beautifully so that any baalabus with a proper maggid shiur can master the halachos and gain the knowledge he needs to ensure that he does not compromise on halacha.”

- Rabbi Dov Greer, Yorucha Maggid Shiur, Bais Medrash of West Hempstead, NY


The Yorucha program is a groundbreaking Business Halacha learning initiative designed to make Choshen Mishpat and common areas of business halacha accessible to a broad audience. It offers systematic and comprehensive study materials with practical applications for day-to-day life.

The program covers a wide range of business halacha topics, primarily within Choshen Mishpat but extending beyond to areas relevant to day-to-day business life.

You can join the program at any time, and each topic is structured to allow seamless entry without the need to have learned previous topics.

The program spans a 3-year curriculum, and in due time you’ll finish it all!

The program includes:

In-depth “Ma’are Mekomos” source booklets.

Daily audio “Blatt shiur” explanations.

Supplemental Q&A videos, showcasing practical applications.

An overview video shiur on the week’s limud,

and review and testing options.

Registration is available for free at

Yorucha supports both individual learners and chaburos.

You can sign up individually or start/join a chabura for group learning, all from our portal at

A review and testing process is in the process of being developed. Reach out to us for details.

The digital materials are available on our portal at

Hard copy Marei Mekomos booklets are distributed monthly to all registered members of a chabura, or they can be ordered from the portal after registering.

The program is structured with a monthly topic, divided into weekly subtopics. Flexibility is maintained, allowing learners to adapt to their own schedules.

For chaburos, the program can be modified to accommodate custom schedules. Contact a Yorucha staff member to discuss options.

See the listing of existing chaburos on the Yorucha website

Yorucha is a project of the Bais HaVaad of Lakewood.

Under the direction of the Rosh Bais Havaad, Rav Dovid Grossman shlit”a, the program was formed in collaboration with many expert Dayanim, Poskim, and Talmidei Chachamim.

The program is designed to enable learners to gain knowledge at various levels, from recognizing day-to-day halachic implications to understanding the sugyos they are founded on.

Yes, multiple options are available, ranging from several minutes a day to in-depth study sessions under the guidance of a dedicated Dayan.

Contact us directly for assistance with adapting the program to fit your corporate or organizational settings.

Yes, Yorucha offers the opportunity to invite Rabbonim and Dayanim for live Shiurim or video-conferencing upon request.

Email for details.

Yes, pausing at any time is not a problem. The program’s flexibility allows you to adapt your learning schedule as needed.

The time commitment varies depending on your chosen track and your personal learning pace.

Expect approximately 1-2 hours per week for in-depth Marei Mekomos study.

Dedicate approximately an hour and a half per week on a non-work day for group learning, or set aside around 15 minutes each workday to study sections of the Marei Mekomos.

Audio and video shiurim are available on the web-based portal and via podcasts.

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