This week's limud is

Yorucha Curriculum

Winter 5784 Part I

  • Dina D'malchusa

    • Governmental Laws and Taxes
    • Civil Applications of Governmental Law

  • Minhag B’mammon

    • Common Business Terms and Practices
    • Communal Legislation and Enactments

  • Introduction to Monetary Halachah

  • Gezel

    • The Prohibition of Theft
    • Alternative Forms of Theft (Blackmail, Copyright, Etc.)
    • Gambling and Dealing in Stolen Goods

Special Edition [Chanukah]

  • Corporate Gifting

    • Matnas Chinam and Ma’achalos Assuros

Winter 5784 Part II

  • Gezel/Ta'us Akum

    • Categories of Gezel Akum
    • The How’s and Why’s of Gezel Akum

  • Geneivas Daas

    • Intentional and Unintentional Misinformation
    • Advertising and Marketing

  • Ona’ah and Mekach Ta'os

    • Fair vs Unfair Pricing
    • Exclusions and Limitations to Ona’ah
    • Mistaken Calculations and Measurements
    • Defining a Mekach Ta’os
    • Liabilities in a Case of Mekach Ta’os

  • Fair Competition

    • Forbidden Forms of Competition
    • When Competition is Permitted
    • Ani Hamehapech and Headhunting
    • Soliciting and Marufiah

  • Kinyanim Expounded

    • Types of Commitments
    • The Halachos of Mi Shepara
    • Acts of Acquisition
    • Transactional Kinyanim and Kinyanim with Non-Jews

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