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Maareh Mekomos

Yorucha’s user-friendly maareh mekomos booklets are clear and comprehensive. Compiled by expert talmidei chachamim, the maareh mekomos include both authoritative rishonim and contemporary acharonim.

Audio Accompaniment

These bite-sized audio clips follow the format of the maareh mekomos booklet. They clarify the main points in that week’s limud, enabling ease of comprehension.

Weekly Shiur

Each week an authoritative shiur by a seasoned dayan is presented. The shiur discusses an overview of the topic along with practical applications. It is available as a video, audio, or pdf.

Business Halacha Daily

These short, practical video clips illustrate practical applications of the current business halacha limud.

Fascinating and relevant

“The Yorucha curriculum is both fascinating and relevant. Yorucha’s topics and resources are beautifully organized and portrayed so clearly that learners at every level can follow along.”

- Rabbi Eli Moskovits, Yorucha Maggid Shiur

This week's limud is

Access all content—including the overview video, accompanying blatt shiur, and business halacha daily—in our online learning portal

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